Welcome to Colorful Creations!

Where Everyone is an Artist!


Colorful Creations is all about helping you tap into your creativity! When you walk in you will hear music playing, a fresh pot of coffee in the corner, and even colored pencils for kids to doodle. No matter what the age, everyone is welcome!


No need to be fight over materials or paints, there is plenty of room for everyone. Not sure what to do? Come check out our binders or ask us for help. Bring a beverage or two, make yourself at home and let the creativity begin!


Our studio is located next to Flatlanders or one mile North of Hobby Lobby at 2020 8th Ave NE in Aberdeen, SD.

We also do Colorful Canvas Parties. We provide the paint, brushes, canvas, and great instruction. To find out more, click HERE.

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